What New Years Resolution?

Happy happy New Years my friends! How are you planning on bringing in the new year? My husband and I usually try to go somewhere so that we can see fireworks but unlucky for him, I’m notorious for falling asleep before midnight each year haha! Maybe I’ll make it my first New Years resolution to actually stay awake for the festivities.

So let’s talk resolutions! It’s so fun to set goals for the coming year, but do you have a hard time thinking of them like me? If you need some inspiration, my husband and I sat down today and we bounced some ideas back and forth and came up with a few good ones:

-Travel to a place that you’ve always wanted to visit! There’s no “right time” when it comes to this, it’s more about just making it happen. We have some friends that are the perfect example! One day we’re all hanging out, and the next day they were posting photos in Belgium! The opportunity suddenly came up and they grooved their way on over for the most epic trip through Europe right in the middle of school!! Awesome awesome guys!

-Serve someone every single week. By the end of the year, you will have served (at least) 52 people! Service is a broad category, sometimes even a simple smile can brighten someone’s day and that could be your small act of service for the week. Another way you can serve is to sign up at your local soup kitchen or shelter. Spend an hour here and there helping those who are in need. If you are an animal lover like me, go volunteer at your local animal shelter! Give some much needed love to precious little kittens, or take some dogs for a nice walk! The options are endless here my friends!!

-Health is a go-to resolution for many and it usually includes some drastic changes that can be hard to stick to. How about setting a really specific and simple health goal to make it more achievable? You can decide to eat only one dessert a week, or maybe one salad a day! Try being active (yes, running after your children counts) for 30 minutes a day. Or just say “no” once in a while to a yummy dessert or tasty snack. Small changes can become habit in no time!

-Pick up a new Hobby. Try something new this year like learning how to sew. You can start a collection (I have a small collection of rocks from our different camping trips.) Try learning how to surf, ski, or rock climb! Whatever you choose, make sure the activity is something that you will enjoy, are physically able to do, and that you can afford.

-Start a journal!! This can be a written journal, or maybe you prefer a photography journal? Photography is a fun and easy way to document your life happenings without having to commit to spending time writing things down. Being able to go back and reflect on your journal will be so worth it, or if you have a terrible memory like me, you will always have that memory stored away instead of lost amongst the craziness of life.

These are just a few ideas for you. If you already have your mind set on some resolutions, please share below!! I’d love to hear them and be inspired by you! I hope that you all have a rockin and safe New Years!


Ivy Elkington

Here’s some of what happened this past year 2017!

2 thoughts on “What New Years Resolution?”

  1. Awesome ideas!! My dad always taught me to categorize your goals under Physical, Temporal, and Spiritual so I made 2-3 simple and specific goals under each category. Luke and I are also posting them on our fridge so we don’t forget them like we did last year. Haha 😉 by putting them somewhere you can see everyday, you become more mindful in achieving them.❤️❤️❤️

    1. Anna I love that idea!! The hype of the new year makes new goals exciting but then every day life kind of makes you lose the vision. Putting a reminder somewhere you’ll see a lot is brilliant! I can’t wait to hear about the goals you’ve set for the year and feel inspired 🙂
      p.s. We lived vicariously through you guys on your trip to Europe! haha Loved all the photos!!!!

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