I’m from a family that LOVES Halloween and all the traditions that come with this fun holiday. Year-round we love all the scary movies, going to terrifying haunted attractions, and appreciate a creepy ghost story here and there (Halloween is an excuse for me to force my husband into all this scary stuff that I enjoy, and he hates…muahaha!) One tradition that I can remember growing up, is that almost every Halloween, my mom would make me the most rad costumes from scratch, never repeating the same costume twice. Along with homemade costumes, we would always make a stop at the same pumpkin patch. I can remember trying to find the perfect pumpkin for when we would watch Hocus Pocus and carve our masterpieces. My favorite part was getting to play with the ooey gooey insides of the pumpkin while picking out all the seeds to bake into a tasty treat later on.


These activities make Halloween so special each year, and I can’t wait to carry on these little traditions with my son! Halloween is not one of my husband’s favorite holidays, but after meeting me, he now enjoys these activities that I cherish. My husband shared the following Halloween traditions and experiences with me:

“Growing up in New Zealand, I didn’t have many Halloween traditions, but I do remember my mum making the same Halloween treats every year; caramel popcorn balls. Halloween is not my mum’s favorite tradition; in fact, I remember not being allowed to trick or treat a few Halloween’s in my childhood. Her reasoning was always, “This is an American tradition, not a New Zealand tradition.” I’m amused to think that my mum didn’t like Halloween, because unlike most families who would buy chocolates and lollies to hand out, she made the effort of making the treats for the kids who showed up at her door step.

To get a treat from my mum, you had to meet three conditions.

1) Cute Halloween costume.

2) Under 14 years old.

3) Sing her a song.


If you showed up to the door with a costume that looked like it took a minute to put together, the door stayed closed. Few high schoolers received treats, and few songs earned trick or treaters caramel popcorn balls. You had to earn your treat at my household.”

Whether Halloween traditions are the norm for you, or maybe you want to try out some new ones, you can always enjoy the time spent together with family and friends during this frightening holiday!


“When witches go riding & black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers ‘tis near Halloween.’”


Happy Halloween!!


The Elkingtons

5 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treat”

  1. Very cute Ivy and Ara. I love your blog.
    Love from your Cali Mom~

    P.S.: We also loved Practical Magic, another favorite!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  2. I remember that karate kid outfit of Ara’s. After that photo I talked him into letting me write a Chinese character on his head band. I found a bottle in the kitchen cupboard with a really cool looking Chinese writing. After drawing on his head band he confidently headed out the door and went in to the local convenience store. The store owner took one look at Ara and said, “oyster sauce”. Your welcome Ara.

    1. Hahaha!! That is a GREAT memory! Somehow Ara has failed to mention that little part…I wonder why.😂 Love and miss you guys!

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