The Balancing Act

One of the things that I have struggled with as a new mom is balance. I don’t mean that I’m having issues with staying on my feet. I’m talking about juggling the many hats that I wear throughout the day. I’m a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a Mormon, a best friend, a crafter, a photographer, an athlete, a cook, a janitor, an employee, a T.A., a blogger, an adventurer, and the list goes on. How in the world can I maintain each of these responsibilities while thriving each day?

Before becoming a mummy, I had balance. I knew how to use my time to make the most of every day while putting on a hat, or two, (or four,) and exchanging them throughout the day. As most mothers can attest to, having a baby changes things up, including your schedule. It’s more like, what schedule?? When there’s a new baby, there’s a new boss in town, and they have the cutest gummy smile. But, along with a new bundle of joy, comes a whirlwind of trying to find balance.

It makes me think of a lesson that I’ve been taught a few times before. You have a glass, some big rocks, some smaller rocks, and some sand. Sound familiar? When you fill the glass with the sand first, then the smaller rocks, and finally the big rocks, they don’t all fit. But when you start with the big rocks, the smaller rocks find their place, and the sand fills in the gaps, everything fitting perfectly together. The lesson is, that when you focus on all the little things, like the sand, you run out of time for the most important things, the big rocks. It helps to prioritize the essentials first, and then everything else kind of falls into place.



My biggest struggle with motherhood has been finding balance between being the best mum I can, while working. I am extremely blessed with the job that I have because it allows me to work from home and be with my son all day. But, when I started working again, I found it hard to keep up with my job, while finding time to take care of Te Kanawa. I would stress out about getting work done, while feeling bad about leaving him to play with himself and his interactive toys. My heart wanted to be the one interacting with him and enjoying that time with him, but what about work? Most days led to frustration because I wasn’t doing great at either.

It wasn’t until I remembered the lesson I mentioned above, that I found a sense of balance. What was most important to me? Work? Heck no! Prioritizing my time with Te Kanawa and giving him my full, undivided attention has brought us both greater joy. We play, laugh, make goofy sounds, and learn together all day! During naps, I put on my employee hat and get my work done. That way, once my husband comes home, I am able to spend much needed time with him together with our son. We balance the rest of our responsibilities hand in hand, always helping each other out. Finding balance is healthy for us. Prioritize the important things, let the rest fall into place, and don’t fret the little stuff. S I M P L E   A S   T H A T! What are your big rocks? What are your smaller rocks? What is your sand?


“The key to keeping your balance, is knowing when you’ve lost it.” –Anonymous



Ivy Elkington

Photo credit: @_beckykimball

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