Spirit of Christmas

Let’s talk Christmas. This time of the year is one of my favorites! Like, think Buddy the Elf….that is how excited I get about Christmas!!  I absolutely love seeing all the Christmas lights on all the houses. I love going out and picking a tree as a family and then coming home and decorating it together while listening to Christmas music. I have so much fun trying to figure out the perfect gifts to give to loved ones. I enjoy watching classics like The Grinch, or A Christmas Story while eating homemade sugar cookies and sipping on hot cocoa. And how can I forget creating the most rad gingerbread houses with my sister?! These are just a few reasons why I love this holiday (and this year is EXTRA special because of our little Te Kanawa!)

With all of these wonderful traditions and fun-filled memories to come, it is also important to remember why we celebrate this holiday. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we make it a priority to recognize Christ, the light of the world, during this special time. Christmas is a holiday that celebrates his birth, and because of this, we try to remember his life. Something that we look forward to is the 25 Ways To Light The World activity calendar. From December 1st to the 25th, we do something each day that helps us to become more Christlike. For example, This upcoming Saturday, December 9th is “I was sick and ye visited me”-Matthew 25:36. Perhaps on this day we might find a way to help or serve someone that is struggling with a sickness by bringing them food, cleaning up their house, or just spending some time with them. Each day has a little quote that we can draw inspiration from, and each day we can remember Christ as we serve someone in need. I hope that you enjoy this holiday season, and that you spread the light to someone in need!

“The spirit of Christmas is Christlike love.” – Bonnie L. Oscarson


Ivy Elkington

p.s. I’ve included the 25 Ways To Light The World calendar at the bottom! Let me know if you decide to join in!

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