From One Boy Mum To Another

As a mother of a sweet baby boy, I have come to terms with the fact that most stores sell way more clothes for baby girls, and it’s cute stuff my friends! Finding adorable clothes for a girl is a breeze! Finding stylish clothes for my boy…well maybe it’s just me, but it takes some patience and searching. Often times when I go shopping with my grandma, she usually (like every time) glances over at all the cute girl things and says something like, “Isn’t this so cute? I can’t stand it!” Time and time again I have to remind her, “Grandma, Kana is a boy, let’s stick to his side and see what we can find.”

Just as I love unordinary names, I also enjoy clothes that are different. Of course every child needs a pair of adorable OshKosh overalls, but I mostly like to look for clothes that aren’t so mainstream. Instead of big name brands, I prefer small businesses. They usually have a cool style that can’t be found in your typical Carters or Gymboree. A few shops that I’m currently obsessed with are KB Cute Designs (seriously the cutest slouchy beanies!), Sweet Sweet Honey Hawaii (they have some rad boy stuff that’s about to drop!), Of One Sea, and Two Little Kings.. if only I had an endless amount of money.

As I have come to terms with the struggle, it has become more exciting to try and discover the hidden treasures that are out there, from pants to shirts to bibs (because let’s be honest, boys drool…A LOT.) I absolutely love when I have Kana dressed up, and someone asks me where I got his outfit from! So for all you boy mums, have fun dressing up your boys because they deserve to look handsome and stylish too. Look for unique clothing and try to enjoy the search. Finally, if you find something that you absolutely love, BUY IT! That handsome little smile has earned it!

“Little Boys Are A Ton Of Fun.” – Tori Spelling


Ivy Elkington


p.s. Do you have a favorite small business that you love to shop at? Let’s hear about it!

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